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Computer Science and Mathematics

Computer Science and Mathematics

This is a joint track shared by the Faculty of Mathematics and the Faculty of Computer Science. Graduates of this track are awarded the degree of “Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics”. This track is intended for candidates with exceptionally high acceptance grade averages.

Programs for outstanding students: Details of programs for outstanding students of can be seen under the admission track of the Faculty of Computer Science or Mathematics.

Areas of Practice and Employment Options: The goal of this track is to train graduates with a thorough knowledge of both computer science and mathematics.  Graduates of this track will be able to integrate and lead research and industry in these areas. This program attracts excellent students, and most of the graduates of this track continue on to a master’s degree at one of the faculties of their choice. The others are accepted by other leading universities or turn to careers in the high-tech industry.

The course of study: The curriculum consists of seven semesters and includes all of the mandatory subjects in computer science and mathematics. In this program, the ratio of courses in Computer Science to Mathematics is equal. Students will benefit from the services of the two faculties.