Open Research Directions

Open Research Directions For Prospective Students 

In the following list, you will find open research directions for graduates, and undergrads in their last year.  

  1. Algebraic Geometry (Dr. Howard Nuer): Research Description
  2. Representation Theory (Dr. Max Gurevich):  Research description
  3. Topology of three-dimensional flows (Dr.Tali Pinsky): Finding topological tools from the field of knots and three-dimensional manifolds enabling the analysis of chaotic systems. I’m looking for students who took courses in topology and differential manifolds, or students who come from a background in physics/dynamical systems. Research description
  4. Operator Theory and Operator Algebras (Associate Prof. Orr Shalit): Suitable for students who took a course in functional analysis and complex functions. Research description
  5. Basic properties of families of polynomials (Associate Prof. Danny Neftin): Research description
  6. Symplectic topology (Prof. Michael Entov): Research description
  7. Harmonic mappings, complex function theory and minimal surfaces (Prof. Daoud Bshouty): Research description
  8. Homogeneous dynamics and its applications (Associate Prof. Uri Shapira): Research description
  9. The rigorous understanding of models arising in statistical and mathematical physics in the context of probability theory and the use of combinatorial  and probabilistic techniques for the study of simplicial complexes at high-dimensional graphs (Assistant prof. Ron Rosenthal): Research description
  10. Spectral geometry and mathematical physics (Associate Prof. Ram Band): Research description – in Hebrew
  11. Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization (Prof. Simeon Reich): Research description
  12. Variational problems involving maps taking values in spheres (Prof. Itai Shafrir): Research description – in Hebrew
  13. Mathematical Modeling of Epidemics Spread (Associate Prof. Nir Gavish)  Link to a webpage